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The Voices 4 Libya project says “Hello” to the world!

This is the place on the World Wide Web where the Voices 4 Libya project soon will publish over 60 short stories from people all over the world who have supported the epic struggle of that country as it overthrew its dictator.

Most of the stories come from all corners of Libya, from freedom fighters, wounded FF ["FF" == thuwar, that means freedom fighters; western media called them rebels instead of revolutionaries], martyrs’ loved ones, family members, doctors and nurses who healed the wounded FF, every day Libyans and their national heroes. We have the stories from Masoud, the epic Libyan guitar hero, who became famous for playing his songs on a guitar in battle. We have the story from Madhi Zew’s daughter and cousin; Madhi Zew gave his life to breach Benghazi Katiba on Feb 20th. We have the story about Mo Nabbous from someone in his family, and many more …

All stories will be available in both Arabic and English language. The latter as printed book, too, where all earnings will be split between the families of the martyred heroes and the children/orphans of the war. There will be no shortage of good causes in Libya.

Please stay tuned, and add this page to your bookmarks (CTRL+D).

Thank you!