Verses 4 Libya

This is Ilya’s book review recommendation of Verses 4 Libya, consistently in a verse form. Click the image below to purchase the Verses4Libya book.

War against Gaddafi’s threat
Which raged in Libyan towns
Was also fought on Internet
Against his trolls and clowns.

On the Al Jazeera Libya blog,
Gaddafi puppets cursed;
Brave Sir Hen cut through their fog,
Made fun of them in verse.

Trolls have perished since those days,
And the freedom won;
Through Hen’s Psalms and turns of phrase:
  The Freedom’s March and on.

The Wheel of History’s Libyan turns -
Sir Chicken archived them:
How Libyan Freedom had been earned
In Psalms from Book of Hen.

Book cover: Verses 4 LibyaVerses4Libya: Psalms from the Book of Hen
Authored by Blue Hen95

In 2011, Libyans did something extraordinary. And a world followed it through a blog. This is the story of both, with poetic license, through the eyes of an American blogger with a penchant for rhyme. Follow the Libyan revolution, as seen through social media, one poem at a time.

One thought on “Verses 4 Libya

  1. just received my copy….fantastic book.Great journey through verse….demise of a despotic regime….Angst to Victory

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