Voices 4 Libya Book Release Ceremony, Benghazi

As promised, here is the first report of our big book launch party on May 30, 2012 in Benghazi.

We have yet to receive the official report of the Book Launch in Benghazi, but we have received many informal reports, and photos are beginning to arrive. We have printed here some extracts from some of the messages we have received.

“First of all, congratulations for all the people who made this awesome book :) It was very successful & perfect launch Party … Honestly I did not expect that the party will be that good, I can’t explain how much the people [were filled with] joy to see the book …”

“The book launch ceremony was wonderful. There were photographers, Masoud played his guitar and sang. There were speeches in Arabic and English and video presentations … This is Libya, so of course there was food. A relative of Mehdi Zew expressed his appreciation of your efforts. Many people shed tears, there were smiles all around, many of the authors received standing ovations and everyone was thrilled to get their copy of the book. I already have a waiting list to read my copy.”

“Today I went to Dawa Islamiyah building for the party. Really it was a great party. Nice people and nice work, also the book is very, very, very interesting … so I’m glad I got the invitation and I’m glad I was part of this book.”
“People from the corridor and employees in Dawa (the security and the others) entered inside when they heard the music and applause … [A friend] told me that her husband told her that men were crying … all the memories from the first days came back … All of us on the stage were standing most of the time … to honour the authors of the stories … as you know most of them are real heroes.”

We’ll upload more images to this gallery page soon.

One thought on “Voices 4 Libya Book Release Ceremony, Benghazi

  1. Like so many present at the Benghazi ceremony, I am unable to read the stories without tears in my eyes, in my home in France.

    Each story tells of the pain and destruction the tyrant had wrought before and during the revolution, the courage it took to rise up against him … and of all those who gave their lives to save other lives through their sacrifice. Each author bears witness to what had happened, and by putting his or her experience into the written word, is helping write a page of Libya’s history – never to be forgotten.

    So that Libya’s children will know what their grand-parents and parents had to endure, and about their courageous and heroic deeds to bring freedom to Libya. So that they will never let a tyrant of whatever kind dictate their lives again.

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