“White Saturday” May 19, 2012 – Benghazi’s first local elections

Good news are no news? That goes for the international mainstream press, only. We’d like to share with you some photos regarding the election day in Benghazi, showing bill boards with photos of candidates, activity around polling places, and voters with their fingers showing the marks of ink as a sign that they have voted.

From the Libyan press:

Voter registration starts in Benghazi April 8 2012
Benghazi Election Heats Up, Voter Registration is Extended April 18 2012
455 Candidates file to run in Benghazi including 22 women April 22 2012
Benghazi: Local council elections – the first test? April 28 2012
Benghazi local elections on 19 May; disappointing registration figures May 7 2012
Benghazi Council candidates grilled May 11 2012
Benghazi goes to the polls May 19 2012
Benghazi local election results announced May 21 2012
Benghazi NTC members stand aside for new local council representatives; Jalil calls on Misrata to follow suit May 22 2012
Benghazi’s Local Elections: A Message of Confidence to the Rest of Libya and the World May 23 2012

The List of Benghazi Local Council candidates and the results (official results (PDF, Arabic) will be linked here as soon as available in English language). For more information in Arabic please refer to The Higher Committee for Elections‘ official Web site.

A winner: Najat Rashid Mansur Al-Kikhia

Najat Rashid Mansur Al-Kikhia

Only one woman out of the 22 female candidates was elected, but she was resoundingly backed. Not only did Najat Rashid Mansur Al-Kikhia top the ballot in District 4, Al-Birka, with more than twice the number of votes of her nearest rival — 7,784 in all — she gained more votes than any other candidate in the entire election. She thus also becomes a Benghazi representative on the NTC. [Source: Benghazi local election results announced — woman candidate wins most votes, Libya Herald, May 22 2012]

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