Benghazi Voices 4 Libya Book Release Ceremony

Voices 4 Libya Book Release Ceremony
May 30, 2012, Benghazi, Libya

Big Book Launch Party

Here are some photographs from the Benghazi Voices 4 Libya Book Release Party. The Book Release Party took place at Dawa Islamiya in Benghazi on May 30th. It was attended by most of the Libyan book authors and their guests. Each of the authors was presented their complimentary copy of the book to a standing ovation of the media, dignitaries and special guests attending the event. By all accounts, the event was a smashing success.

More reports and quotes from the attendees to follow on the blog:
First informal reports of the book launch party
Mary’s touching report on the book launch ceremony

Legwork before the party

Lets start with a few insights in planning and preparing the event.

Click on the invitation to open the gallery page.

Voices4Libya Team Libya

Photos of the Libyan members of the Voices4Libya project team, who organized the event in close collaboration with its sponsor, the Council of Culture.

Venue: The Dawa Islamiya Building

This is the Dawa Islamiya Building, one of the largest in Benghazi, where our event took place.

Click on the image to view more photos of the venue.

(Al Da’waa al-Islamiya is an important office block in Benghazi. Many small and large companies in the city are based in the building.)

Libyan authors received their books

These are the photos of Libyan authors receiving their copy of Voices 4 Libya during our big Book Release Party, sponsored by the Council of Culture.

Various party shots

This gallery contains a broader selection of photos from the party.

Check out who attended, get a feeling for the atmosphere …
(1) (2) (3)


This is the guestbook for the attendees to sign, before the party began.

Click it to read which notes our dear guests left on it.

More Images

and even more images

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