Matthew VanDyke meets the Voices 4 Libya team in Benghazi on June 23 2012

The report on this meeting was supplied by Khadeejah and the photographs and captions by Zorica, both members of the Voices 4 Libya team, Benghazi, Libya.

Matt VanDyke meets Voices 4 Libya

On June 23 2012 in Benghazi, Libya, Matthew VanDyke, the famous American Thuwar, met the Voices 4 Libya team.

Matt VanDyke fought in the Libyan revolution with his fellow freedom fighters all the way from Benghazi to Sirte, where Gaddafi found his well deserved end in October 2011.
He was wounded and captured in Brega on March 13 2011, and was detained in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison for 5.5 months, until Tripoli’s ‘zero hour’ in August 2011.
Once freed, he immediately rejoined the Ali Hassan al-Jaber Brigade to help finish off the ruthless regime. Here’s his remarkable story.


To see the names of those in the photos and any other details supplied to us by members of the team in Libya, either hover over the photo or click on it to bring up a larger image with the text.

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