Pilot Al Mahdi Rasheed Mohammad Al Sameen

Ruwand Al Sameen,
Daughter of martyr Pilot Brigadier Al Mahdi Rasheed Mohammad Al Sameen,
Benghazi, Libya

Story Preview

Martyr Pilot Brigadier Al Mahdi Rasheed Mohammad Al Sameen, was born in Benghazi in 1959 and he was married with six girls.

He studied in elementary and middle schools in Benghazi after which he joined the Air Force Academy in Tripoli. Following this, he went to Russia to study aeronautics. He finished the aviation course because he was very interested in it and had a great desire to become a pilot. He also managed to learn and speak Russian and English fluently. After finishing his course in Russia, he returned home as a certified fighter pilot.

[...] he joined the freedom fighters. He didn’t come home but he called us regularly to let us know that he was safe. One day he came home and told us to leave the house and to go somewhere safe. We later heard from him that he bombed several ships belonging to Gaddafi near the city of Ajdabiyeh and that he also destroyed Gaddafi’s convoy coming from Sabha.

[...] He performed three aerial attacks on the killing column that was approaching Benghazi very quickly. In his third and final attack, he was with his co-pilot Fakhry Al Salaby. He attacked the column fiercely and managed to destroy a part of it and cripple it badly but unfortunately, he was hit by a missile coming from the anti-aircraft vehicle. Even though he was able to save himself at the time, he didn’t want the plane to crash into a residential area, so he steered the plane far from his beloved city of Benghazi and by the time he managed to do that it was too late for him to eject to save himself.

May God take my father’s gentle, merciful and pure soul because of what he did for his beloved country Libya and his fellow countrymen. And finally we got rid of the tyrant Gaddafi with God’s help and the blood of the martyrs will never go in vain.

The full story is in the book.


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