Signing of the legal documents for registering the charity in Benghazi, Libya

The following is Mary’s report of the signing of the legal documents for registering the charity here in Libya.

Everyone met in Zorica’s house, which is quite small so it was a warm (Libya in June) and cosy meeting. However, everything was conducted very seriously as we all know how important these documents are and we appreciate the importance of doing this.

The following people attended the meeting: Abdel Aziz, Sharif, Khadija, Mukhtar, Dr. Ayman, Khadeeja, Mary, Laujain, Halima, Jamila, Hawa and Zoritsa. Absent were Dr. Osama, Dr. Fadwa, Weeshi and Deena but they are supposed to be going directly to the lawyer’s office to sign.

The procedure of the signing was as follows: everyone produced documents for identification. The foreigners produced their respective passports which include their residents visas and the Libyans produced copies of their identification documents. There were many papers to sign and we had to stamp our signatures with our thumbprints – this made us feel so important that all this was required from us!

I know that Zoritsa has sent you the photos that were taken [Yup! Well received, see below] – I hope that you could see some of the blue thumbs in them – we should have taken a photo of us all standing in a group showing our very important thumbs. Mine is still a little bit blue.

The lawyer called Sharif today to tell him that she finished the paperwork and he will go and pick up the documents and take them for final registration. As soon as we have the official stamped papers we will make an official stamp and letterhead.


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