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As of today, 12 June 2012, there’s no such thing as a book that tells the story of the Libyan February 17 revolution from a Libyan point of view, except ours. Yes, that’s a bold statement, but true.

Foreign journalists have written less than a handful of books from an outsider’s perspective. Even the occasional expat author lacks the insights that make a book about the Libyan struggle for freedom and dignity interesting for Libyans in Libya. We were overwhelmed by the acceptance of our book in English language in Libya, and we’re working on its Arabic version, so that our book will reach out to all Libyans.

We’re quite sure that our book has more information about the old regime, and about the revolution as well, than any other recently published book on Libya, because we have brought to you personal and private stories, which could not be told for decades, and now are told by real Libyan freedom fighters, their friends, and relatives.

Voices for Libya - The Book

The Voices4Libya book not only provides an important angle on Libya’s recent history.

It also contributes parts of this history, since it documents the broad international support for the Libyan people during the revolution of 2011, manifested in various stories written by non-Libyans who followed and supported the Libyan fight for freedom and democracy.

It’s the real thing. Period.

So, to the point, we need your help to distribute the Voices4Libya book. It’s worth it.

We’re a small team of Libyans and folks spread across this planet, all of us working on private expenses. The release of the book and our initial promotional activities have strained our resources. We agreed to donate our time and all the proceeds from the book to help Libyan victims of the February 17th Revolution, so there’s no marketing budget, and we can’t send out copies of the book to all literary critics out there.

If you sell books, please consider offering the Voices4Libya book to your customers. Contact our publisher for details.

If you’re a librarian, please order a few copies.

If you’re a journalist, historian, or literary critic, please get yourself a copy and write about it.

If you operate a Web site, please link out to Voices4Libya and ask your visitors or members to check it out.

If you’re active in social media, please spread the word (Twitter, Facebook, …).

Otherwise, please think of a way to support us, for the sake of countless Libyan children who still suffer from the aftermath of a cruel dictator’s war on his people.

Thank you in advance!
The Voices4Libya project team

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